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Immersive Promotion Design is leading the way in the creation of a reimagined promotional language for the immersive sector, one that goes beyond gaming audiences and science-fiction imagery.


There's no doubt that the time for immersive tech has come, but their magical qualities of liminality, presence and embodiment make VR & AR difficult to communicate to new audiences. We are a new breed of consultancy designed for this challenge, supporting VR, AR & MR creatives & businesses to better evoke what their users will see, do and feel.  


We help immersive creators to market their work, and create immersive campaigns using AR, spatial sound and other creative tech that transport you into the world of a brand. We also do evaluation for those looking to develop a more diverse immersive audience. And as part of our mission to build this bigger, more inclusive audience for the immersive sector, everyone we work with both contributes to and gets access to our R&D and audience insight. 

How We Do It

Unlike other digital marketing agencies out there, we specialise in immersive, and bring together the very best of academia and industry. With audience insight and university-led R&D into immersive promotion shaping all our campaigns, we stay at the cutting-edge of today's immersive media developments.

Thanks to grants from Bristol+Bath Creative R+D, StoryFutures Academy and the South West Creative Technology Network, we have formed innovative promotional strategies, bibles, toolkits and teaching materials for how immersive experiences can be better marketed to audiences, as well as how to bring cultural experiences to life with immersive campaigns.

Emphasising not the newness of the technology but the transformation of your audience's state of mind, our approach to immersive promotion has proven to boost interest amongst those new to this technology by up to 78%. That's because all of our campaigns and creative concepts are tested on an in-house Playtesting Group, an inclusive audience group that gives us a road-map to a diverse immersive market. 


Based at The Studio at Palace Yard Mews, Bath Spa University's enterprise and innovation hub for creative technology, we are a collective of immersive thought leaders and experience designers, bringing together funded university research and audience testing with leading industry expertise from Limina Immersive, storycentral, PastPorte, Raucous and beyond. 


Members of our collective previously co-led the BBC VR Hub's Virtual Reality Libraries Pop-Up Tour, Limina Immersive's industry-leading VR cinema, the international VR+Kids track at the Children's Media Conference, are industry experts for the likes of BBC Today, The Guardian, The Economist and Wired, are leading researchers in the fields of extended reality, participatory performance and immersive audiences, and have produced public VR/AR/MR experiences across film, theatre, museums and schools. 

We are made up of marketeers, creative producers, researchers & academics, brand & story strategists, creative technologists, artists and theatre makers.

Our latest R&D...


Want to understand how your 3D immersive worlds can be more creatively promoted across 2D digital media channels? Explore our new Immersive Promotion Bible.


Funded by StoryFutures and based on audience insight, R&D and practice research, the Immersive Promotion Bible teaches new promotional strategies for how VR and AR experiences can be better marketed to audiences.

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