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Augmented Marketing: The Undrowned

Claire Skelcey


This research was led by Raucous, a Bristol-based immersive theatre company, which sought to develop the form of ‘augmented marketing’ for their The Undrowned immersive theatre production by using XR technologies as part of the promotional experience. The work was awarded an Industry Partner grant by the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D Partnership.


The research was led by Raucous’ Communications Director, Claire Skelcey, with support from the Creative Director, Sharon Clark, and Executive Producer, Emily Williams, and collaborating with Hannah Wolfe (Experience Design) and Coral Manton (AR Development).


Research Question:

Therefore the urgent question for us, in terms of evolving the company and the sector, is:

How can the rulebook for live performance audience communications be re-written so the storytelling is expanded and extended using mixed-reality?



  1. How do we occupy the same creative ground as the production with communications  to include audiences before, during and after the experience?

  2. How can we revolutionise communication tools to offer agency to theatre audiences of the future?

  3. How can our communications palette be more playful, more creative and reflect elements of liveness and togetherness?

  4. How can we construct creative motifs in our communications that resonate with the audience’s emotional responses to the play?

  5. How can the communications assets be more live and interactive?

  6. How do we rescope the role of communications into being an essential ingredient in the design of the experience itself?

  7. How can we animate a city to be illuminated by our creative ideas that lead to audience anticipation and sense of togetherness?