The immersive sector is growing at a fast rate, but mass-market adoption of VR, AR and MR remains low. ‘From both social and commercial perspectives,’ Catherine Allen writes, ‘we have to reach beyond those very important early adopters, and convince broader audiences that these magical, enriching digital experiences are simply too good to miss out on.' But with little insight into the value of XR to audiences and businesses not already familiar with XR, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to marketing an immersive experience, or how to identify an audience.  

We connect immersive creators and businesses with a bigger audience, working both B2C and B2B to provide: routes to market for immersive products and experiences, including XR product development consultancy, insight into immersive audiences and the ROI of immersive marketing; marketing strategy for immersive experiences; and production of immersive marketing assets. We work in partnership with Limina Immersive, the UK-leading audience insight into immersive technology audiences, and benefit from collaborations with other industry-leading creative consultants, strategists & creators from across the full spectrum of the immersive sector. Our expertise in promoting XR spans an array of creative and cultural arenas, including film & TV, theatre, games, retail, education and heritage.


Emphasising not the newness of the technology but the transformation of state of mind, our research-led approach to promoting VR, AR & MR has proven to boost interest amongst those completely new to XR by anything up to 78%So whether you're a VR director looking to build your audience, a creative business wishing to boost engagement via AR, or a tech company seeking a more diverse audience for the future, let's promote the magic of your immersive content.


  • XR product / service development consultancy, including market need, the competitive landscape, conceptualising a solution, and developing a product roadmap.

  • Leading insight into XR audiences. 

  • Data into the ROI of XR content.


  • Marketing strategy and concept development specific to the world of immersive experiences.

  • Audience-tested approaches to communicating VR, AR & MR.

  • User journey and experience design bespoke to XR content.


  • Research-informed promotional marketing assets to suit your needs and audience, be it video, AR filters, social, print, and so on.

  • Full website for your XR project.

  • Complete planning, delivery and management of the campaign.

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