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As well as supporting VR & AR creators to better market their immersive experiences, we also harness the magic of immersive and other creative technologies to create engaging, dynamic immersive campaigns for different sectors.

VR/AR has taken an enormous hold over the marketing sector, with these technologies now seen as the answer to cultivating greater brand awareness and fostering stronger consumer loyalty. After all, immersive technologies offer greater accessibility, remove barriers to entry, and provide the kinds of personal experiences that consumer want. 

Research tells us that products with an AR element to their marketing have been known to show as much as a 94% higher conversion rate than for products without AR, given the fact that immersive technologies have the power to emotionally absorb us, to provide embodied opportunities for creativity, and to impact the way we see the world. You can now visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt, sit courtside at an NBA game, and visit worlds you could previously only dream of – all from the comfort of your home. So with flexible Silver and Gold packages to suit your needs and budget, why not explore how the magic of immersive technologies could transform your brand's future marketing? 


And don't forget: our mission is to help the immersive sector to grow, and so everyone we work with is treated as a research partner, meaning that your campaign supports our research and you get access to our cutting-edge R&D.



+ Introductory consultation call.

+ An audience insight presentation exploring how audiences participate and engage with immersive marketing campaigns, delivered by Dr Matthew Freeman, Director at Immersive Promotion Design. 


+ A bespoke survey, led by Catherine Allen, CEO at Limina Immersive, to better understand how your target market currently uses immersive technologies.

+ A research-led creative strategy for your immersive marketing campaign, comprising: a marketing plan, promotional concepts, and a rationale for how to integrate creative technology into your brand's marketing, produced by company directors.

+ A package of immersive marketing assets, e.g. interactive immersive tours, 360 videos, AR filters, binaural sound and ASMR pieces. All assets will be evaluated on our in-house Playtesting Group.

+ A pdf of our latest research on immersive marketing.



Everything in the silver package, plus:


Original audience research with our in-house Playtesting Group to fully understand not just your target audience's expectations ahead of engaging with your immersive campaign, but also to identify how the use of immersive marketing can develop your audience and deepen engagement, led by Dr Astrid Breel, Impact Research Fellow at Bath Spa University.

+ A report outlining key audience research learnings, including insights into your audience's behaviour.


+ Full delivery and management of your immersive marketing campaign, led by a specialist in Arts & Culture creative technology communication.

+ Additional immersive marketing assets to suit your needs, all evaluated on our Playtesting Group.

+ Access to our entire pool of immersive audience research, our exclusive data set of all audience playtesting conducted for our previous R&D.

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We have produced immersive campaigns for various sectors, most recently a national campaign in partnership with Victoria Art Gallery and Bath & North East Somerset Council for Myths & Monsters, a family-friendly exhibition that links the worlds of literature, art and myth with some of the very best (and worst) you could expect to meet. We also work in partnership with Bath Spa University to create immersive student recruitment campaigns, where we use everything from 360 virtual tours, AR filters, binaural sound and ASMR videos to engage prospective applicants.

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