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Marketing for Immersive Experiences

Did you know that uncertainties surrounding marketing and audience development are two of the biggest challenges for the UK immersive sector, according to the 2020 Immersive Entertainment Industry Report? Many audiences are largely unfamiliar with VR and AR, with these technologies still associated with alien worlds and male-dominated gaming platforms. How do you communicate the magic of being immersed?  

Immersive Promotion Design is leading the way in marketing for the immersive sector, tackling this unique challenge by supporting virtual, augmented and immersive creators everywhere to reach new audiences.


With university research and insight shaping what we do, our work is about far more than just marketing – it's about helping to build a bigger, more diverse audience for the future of our immersive landscape.

What we do

In short, we help to connect your VR/AR/MR experience to the widest possible audience.

Whether it's for a VR film, an AR game, an immersive theatre production or an XR training or education platform, we can design, produce and manage all your promotion and marketing needs, as well as consult on all your audience development challengesDrawing on our funded R&D and audience insight about how to communicate immersive experiences to the widest possible audience, we can support everything from developing a B2B or B2C marketing strategy to producing an innovative promotional campaign using digital, print and immersive media. We can also produce web copy and blogs that evoke the magic of your immersive experience, as well as doing social media content aimed at a defined audience.


For projects with a higher budget, we can undertake a rigourous evaluation of audience engagement patterns with your immersive experience, offering a set of bespoke, research-informed recommendations for how you can target and engage a bigger, more diverse audience in the future.

See for yourself

Some of the people we have supported

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Please get in touch below or email us at for an informal video-call.

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