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There's no doubt that the time for immersive technology has come, but the reality is that the audience for VR/AR/MR is narrow, and that's partly because their magical qualities of liminality, presence and embodiment are difficult to communicate to people who haven't experienced them before. Supporting many different VR/AR/MR creatives and businesses to better communicate with their audiences about the magic of immersive content, all our campaigns are cutting-edge, based on audience insight and university-led R&D into new practices of immersive promotion. 

Equally as important to us is how we build a bigger, more diverse audience for the immersive sector, one that goes beyond gamers and early tech adopters. That's why our campaigns and creative concepts are also shaped by our in-house Playtesting Group, an intersectionally inclusive audience group that brings together different people with different levels of familiarity with immersive tech, different expectations about what and who these technologies are for, and which altogether shows us how to meaningfully create marketing that diversifies the immersive market. 

With Bronze, Silver and Gold packages to suit your needs and budget, we can help you to find your immersive audience, to develop your immersive marketing strategy, and to produce your immersive promotion. And remember: our mission is to help the immersive sector to grow, and so everyone we work with is treated as a research partner, meaning that your work supports our research and you get access to our cutting-edge R&D and audience insight.



+ Introductory consultation call, including a creator questionnaire session to help us understand your project and its audiences.

+ One half-day set of presentations:

1. An audience insight presentation exploring the behaviours, motivations and values of today's VR/AR audiences, delivered by Catherine Allen, CEO at Limina Immersive.


2. A marketing strategy presentation on Immersive Promotion Design's R&D into marketing immersive experiences, including key insights and strategies based on audience testing, delivered by Dr Matthew Freeman, Director of Immersive Promotion Design. 

+ One half-day strategy consultation with Dr Matthew Freeman and Limina's Catherine Allen.


+ A content package of marketing images & copy, for use across your channels, informed by our research, evaluated on our Playtesting Group.



Everything in the bronze package, plus:


+ A bespoke survey, led by Catherine Allen, to better understand the behaviours of your target audience, and how to engage them inclusively.

+ A report outlining learnings and key recommendations from the survey.

+ A research-led creative strategy for your immersive experience, comprising: a complete marketing plan and promotional concepts, produced by our company directors.

+ A complete website, informed by our audience insight and research.

+ A package of 5 audio-visual marketing assets, e.g., video, AR filters, binaural pieces, (animated) posters, social media, produced by our designers and technologists. All assets will be evaluated on our in-house Playtesting Group.

+ A copy of our complete 90-page Immersive Promotion Bible.



Everything in the gold package,



+ Original audience research with our in-house Playtesting Group to fully understand not just your target audience's expectations ahead of immersing themselves in your XR experience, but also to identify who your wider audience might be, led by Dr Astrid Breel, Impact Research Fellow at Bath Spa University.


+ Two half-day strategy consultations with Dinah Lammiman, Creative Director at PastPorte and Creative Producer at the BBC, co-leader of the BBC VR Hub's Virtual Reality Libraries Tour in 2019, or Sharon Clark, Creative Director at Raucous and a writer for theatre & film who worked on the BBC VR film Is Anna Okay?


+ Full delivery and management of your marketing campaign.


+ Access to our entire pool of immersive audience research, our exclusive data set of all audience playtesting conducted for our R&D. 

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As an example of the kind of dynamic marketing campaigns we produce for immersive experiences, take a look at our campaign for The Invited, an AR adaptation of the Dracula story, and see our Portfolio page for all our previous work. Get in touch via the form below, or email us at, for a free video-call and quote.

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The Invited, an Augmented Reality kirigami adaptation of the classic Dracula story, due launching as an immersive event in 2021. Set in a dark, secret location, a physical book and a mobile device spirit detector will summon a small audience through a beautifully unsettling experience in which each page turn reveals a new exquisite paper-craft world and a new set of atmospheric animations to those who were invited to Dracula's reincarnation. The Invited is produced by acclaimed multimedia artists Studio McGuire and has received support from CreativeXR.


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