Marketing is one of the immersive sector's biggest challenges. Research tells us that many audiences still associate VR & AR with alien worlds and gaming media – and many businesses are unsure of the value of such technology. And who can blame them: the audience for immersive technology remains small, and one that is far from being diverse. If the immersive sector is to capture bigger audiences from across the cultural landscape, then a reimagined promotional language is needed.

Immersive Promotion Design is leading the way in the creation of this reimagined promotional language, one that goes far beyond gaming crowds and sci-fi imagery. About far more than marketing – this is about building a larger, more diverse audience for the immersive sector.


We help immersive creators to better market their work, designing and developing new ways of evoking the magical liminality, presence and embodiment at the heart of all immersive experiences. But we also harness AR, spatial sound and other creative tech to build immersive campaigns that transport you into the world of a brand, be it for arts, education, health & more. For those with reporting needs, we can also evaluate your immersive experience, allowing creators to understand how different audiences engage with VR/AR projects.

Specialising in immersive, and operate an R&D model that brings together academia and industry. All of our university research into immersive promotion informs all our campaigns, keeping us at the cutting-edge of XR.

And because we are so research-led, our mission to build a more diverse audience for the immersive sector means that everyone we work with is treated as more than a client - they a partner, both contributing to and gaining access to our R&D and audience insight.

Based at The Studio, Bath Spa University's enterprise & innovation hub for creative technology, our research has been funded by Bristol+Bath Creative R+D, StoryFutures Academy and Bath Spa University. Our campaigns and creative concepts are also tested on our in-house Playtesting Group, an inclusive audience group that provides iterative feedback on our ideas and helps to ensure that we are working towards a diverse, equitable immersive landscape for the future.


Together we are a collective of immersive thought leaders and experience designers, working with arts marketeers, immersive producers, academics, brand strategists and creative technologists. Our industry associates bring invaluable insights from the BBC's VR Hub, Limina Immersive, Raucous, and beyond. These associates co-led the BBC VR Hub's Virtual Reality Library Pop-Up Tour, Limina Immersive's VR Cinema, have produced immersive experiences across film, TV, theatre and museums, and are consulting experts for BBC Today, The Guardian, The Economist, and Wired.

So whatever your immersive project, we can help you to find the widest audience with marketing that truly understands what immersive technology does best.