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We are new breed of university-led marketing consultancy for the immersive sector, supporting VR, AR and immersive creators everywhere to better evoke what their users will see, do and feel.

Marketing remains one of the immersive sector's biggest challenges, with research telling us that many audiences continue to associate VR & AR with far-off alien worlds and male-dominated gaming platforms. And who can blame them: statistically speaking the audience for immersive technology remains comparatively small, and is far from being diverse. If this emerging sector is to capture bigger, more diverse audiences, then a reimagined promotional language is needed.

That's where we come in. Led by Dr Matthew Freeman, Research Lead in Film & Media at Bath Spa University, Immersive Promotion Design is truly leading the way in marketing for immersive experiences, developing innovative ways of communicating the magic at the heart of these experiences. Supported by Innovate UK EDGE, StoryFutures Academy and The Studio in Bath, we provide marketing & audience development, masterclasses & consultancy, and innovative R&D.

Unlike digital marketing agencies, we are a small consultancy that specialises in immersive media, bringing together the best of university research and creative industry experience. We are based at The Studio, Bath Spa University's new enterprise & innovation hub for creative media technology.


With university research and audience insight shaping what we do, our approach has been known to boost interest amongst those new to immersive technology by anything up to 78%. We have formed promotional strategies, bibles and toolkits for how immersive experiences can be better marketed to today's audiences - not to mention helped countless immersive creatives to find the widest possible audience for their work through our unique campaign development. 


So whether you're a VR filmmaker looking to build an audience, an AR creator needing engagement, or an XR tech company seeking a more diverse audience for the future, we'll help you to better promote the magic of your immersive content. About far more than just marketing – our work is about building a bigger, more diverse audience for the future of our dynamic immersive sector.

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