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Marketing is now one of the immersive sector's biggest challenges. Research tells us that many audiences still associate VR & AR with stereotypical and gendered content – and many businesses are unclear of the ROI of such content. If the immersive sector is to capture mass audiences from across the cultural landscape, then a reimagined promotional language is needed.

We are a new breed of consultancy designed for this challenge, supporting B2C and B2B clients working in VR, AR & MR to communicate the value of immersive content. Working across entertainment, education, retail, heritage and enterprise, we provide routes to market for immersive experiences and XR product and service development consultancy; marketing strategy for immersive experiences; research insight into the ROI of XR marketing and immersive audiences; and production of innovative immersive marketing assets.


This means that our approach to marketing immersive experiences is informed by cutting-edge research and testing, funded by the likes of StoryFutures Academy and Bristol+Bath Creative R+D. Our research is led by the Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries at Bath Spa University, home to The Studio and the Narrative & Emerging Technology Lab, our in-house research arms.

We operate a dynamic R&D model that bridges academia with industry, running university-funded research into new ways of marketing XR that directly informs our commercial practices, keeping us at the cutting-edge of today's immersive developments.

Together, we are a collective of immersive thought leaders and experience designers, made up of Arts & Cultural Marketeers, Creative Producers, Researchers & Academics, Brand & Narrative Strategists, Creative Technologists and Immersive Theatre Makers. We bring insights from BBC's VR Hub, Limina Immersive, Raucous and storycentral, combined with the creative technology innovation hub at Bath Spa University. Members of our collective co-led the BBC VR Hub's Virtual Reality Library Pop-Up Tour, Limina Immersive's industry-leading curated VR Cinema, the international VR+Kids track at the Children's Media Conference, have produced immersive experiences across film, TV, theatre and museums, and are consulting experts for the likes of BBC Today, The Guardian, The Economist, Wired, Mediacorp and London South Bank University.

Whatever the XR project, we work with clients to provide a clear route to a bigger audience through marketing that truly understands what XR does best.

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