Playtesting Group

All of our campaign materials and creative concepts are shaped by and evaluated on our in-house Playtesting Group, an intersectionally inclusive audience group that brings together very different people with very different levels of familiarity with immersive technologies, different expectations about what and who these technologies are for, and which altogether shows us how to meaningfully create marketing that diversifies the immersive market. 


We believe that the creation of a reimagined promotional language for VR/AR/MR is really about building a larger, more diverse audience for the immersive sector. That's where our Playtesting Group comes in. Our partnership with Limina Immersive means that we can provide you with the latest sector-wide insights into immersive audiences, but our in-house Playtesting Group allows us to fully understand a range of audience expectations ahead of them being immersed in a given immersive experience, and to identify who the widest, most diverse audience might be. Our inclusive Playtesting Group also evaluates all of our campaigns and creative concepts, providing iterative feedback.


We can offer you an evaluation service for those needing to report on the user response to their immersive experience, or those wanting to understand immersive audience experience and develop their audiences.

The work of the Playtesting Group is led by Dr Astrid Breel, Impact Research Fellow at Bath Spa University.