Our collective of immersive thought leaders and experience designers produce innovative marketing campaigns for the immersive sector and beyond, but we also lead on creative technology projects, video art and immersive content for brands. We share our work at international festivals, events and conferences. Explore some of our creative work below.

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We have produced cutting-edge R&D campaigns for immersive experiences, some of which can be explored below.


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The Invited, an Augmented Reality kirigami adaptation of the classic Dracula story, due launching as an immersive event in 2021. Set in a dark, secret location, a physical book and a mobile device spirit detector will summon a small audience through a beautifully unsettling experience in which each page turn reveals a new exquisite paper-craft world and a new set of atmospheric animations to those who were invited to Dracula's reincarnation. The Invited is produced by acclaimed multimedia artists Studio McGuire and has received support from CreativeXR.

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Ultraleap is on a mission to make digital worlds feel more human, specialising in hand tracking. Their team includes leading experts in interface design, acoustics, machine learning, and computer vision. The future is a place where infinite worlds are at your fingertips. One where you interact naturally and in 3D. One where you don’t need controllers. They’ve united the world's most advanced hand tracking with the only haptic technology that creates the sensation of touch in mid-air.

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Virtual Veronese is a research and development prototype funded by StoryFutures Academy for The National Gallery in 2019. Produced by Focal Point VR, the project ran for two weeks in the National Gallery through a combination of VR and AR headsets (Oculus Quest & Magic Leap/Prism Mira). Visitors were transported back in time, invited to experience Paolo Veronese’s painting The Consecration of Saint Nicholas as it would have been seen in its original chapel setting in 1562.

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As well as supporting VR & AR creators to better market their immersive experiences, we also harness the magic of immersive and other creative technologies to create dynamic campaigns for different sectors, like art and education.

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We have done the promotion for numerous events, including the Watershed's Creative Futures: Place & Presence event for Bristol+Bath Creative R+D. We have also delivered TED Talks on VR, chaired the VR industry panel at Raindance Film Festival and the international StoryWorld Conference, produced immersive heritage experiences for the National Trust, the BBC, ss Great Britain and the Imperial War Museum, and are collaborators on immersive theatre festivals and groups including Beyond The Ridiculous, The Invisible Circus, Boomtown Fair and Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival. Between 2016 and 2020, Limina brought immersive technology shows to over 15,000 in-person audience members, and in 2021 we have given talks on XR marketing at London South Bank University, CREATE Lab and the Watershed.

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Part fable, part moment in history, Sharon Clark's The Foundling is immersive, table-top theatre delivered to your door. Funded by CreativeXR, the work fuses augmented reality, AI, smell and binaural sound, providing audiences with a gothic tale that spills out into your home, reveals a secret that guides audiences towards Raucous's The Undrowned.

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Claire Skelcey has led numerous marketing campaigns for Raucous, a Bristol-based immersive theatre company. For example, Claire marketed Raucous' The Stick House in 2015, a theatre production making use of a range of creative technology, including AR, holograms, film and music. The key theme of The Stick House’s marketing strategy was to use classic forms of theatre marketing but to push the boundaries within those forms so that The Stick House stood out as something new, exciting and unique. As a then-new company, Raucous had little data and almost no audience base to build on, so were starting afresh as opposed to basing their strategy on learned outcomes from previous shows.

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Dinah Lammiman co-produced this thrilling VR story through her work at PastPorte. Turning Forest was a BBC R&D Virtual Reality experience showcased at Storyscapes, the Tribeca Film Festival’s VR fest. The task was to – almost instantaneously – transport visitors to a world of fantasy forests that would trigger memories of childhood adventure. And to create a near sound-proofed space in which they could let their imaginations fly and become fully immersed.

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Tess Baxter, aka Tizzy Canucci, is an AHRC funded PhD researcher who in 2020 was selected for the Anharmonic Online Film FestivalSupernova Digital Animation Festival in Denver and for the Woolwich print fair. Tess, a printmaker, video artists, writer and photographer, researches life and creativity in the online world ‘Second Life’, and has exhibited her work internationally throughout her PhD studies. One of Tess’s creations to go on show at the various exhibitions is the mesmerising and uplifting Out Of Isolation Came Forth Light, a piece born out of this 'Second Life' virtual world.