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  • Matthew Freeman

Call for Research Toolkits

Central to our approach to working with industry is that it is underpinned by research, and so we are now looking to further build our network with academics and creative practitioners working in the area of immersive media and/or marketing.

In particular, we wish to build up our Research Toolkits that can inform future consultancy work. In return, new Research Toolkits will be published on our website as an open access resource, and longer-term you will be invited to join our team of experts where your research insights can support XR client briefs on a freelance or consultancy basis.

Our current Research Toolkits include the Immersive Promotion Bible, which offers a road-map for professionals producing marketing campaigns for VR & AR experiences, and the Understanding the VR Market in 2021 report, which overviews the state of play for VR headset sales since the pandemic. Other valuable research areas may include:

  • Diversifying the audience for XR;

  • Technological innovations in XR;

  • Duty of care and ethics in XR production;

  • Representational issues in XR content;

  • Using VR, AR & MR to promote non-XR products, e.g. retail, hospitality, health;

  • Audience insight into the value of XR in 2021;

  • Any other areas that support our mission to develop new ways of talking to audiences about the magic of XR.

If you wish to discuss this opportunity further or to explore possible ideas, please email Dr Matthew Freeman at We look forward to hearing from you.

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