• mfreeman35

Harnessing the Mood & Memory of XR as Promotional Totems

We're excited to announce that, as of April, Immersive Promotion Design will be partnering with Story Juice on a new research-led & audience-evaluated promotional R&D prototype.

The aim is to design and build an innovative ‘promotional totem’ for Story Juice’s The Glass Ceiling Games, a new feminist punk augmented reality game. This promotional totem will provide a portal into the game’s AR world, drawing on on psychology, experience design and immersive promotion learnings in order to experiment with how creative technology can guide new audiences into XR experiences in powerful ways. This work is based on the idea of harnessing the unique emotional and psychological after-effect of XR, and bottling it into something that forms a truly unique form of promotion and marketing for the XR sector.

In effect, the prototype is our chance to experiment with ways of to harnessing the particular mood-change and memory of what it feels like to be immersed in XR content, transforming the psychology and emotion of XR into a dynamic form of audience-widening marketing.

This work is funded by Bath Spa University, and we'll be working with a group of Research Assistants at the University, each specialising in XR, Psychology and Creative Computing.

Story Juice is a globally connected studio specialising in interactive and immersive storytelling and game development. Its multi-platform practice ranges from gaming to performance, narrative design to interactive and immersive experiences, print to digital, fiction to journalism, audio to film, mobile to social, education and heritage to entertainment, AR and MR to VR, and includes integrating platforms in storyworlds.

Watch this space.