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Promoting Immersive Experiences: Why, How and What?

Thursday 20 May, 12-1pm: Online Webinar

A FREE one-hour insight into why many immersive experiences aren't being promoted to their optimum and how to do this well!


About this Webinar

There's no doubt that the time for immersive experiences have come, but XR remains difficult to communicate to people who haven't experienced it before. Marketing is one of the biggest challenges facing the growth of the immersive sector, with many people still associating VR & AR with futuristic tech. If XR is to capture mass audiences from different corners of the cultural landscape, then a reimagined promotional language is needed.

This webinar is run by the Immersive Promotion Design collective, a new marketing consultancy for the XR world that supports VR, AR & MR creatives and businesses to better communicate with their audiences about the magic of immersive content. Join Matthew Freeman (Bath Spa University), Alison Norrington (StoryCentral) and Catherine Allen (Limina Immersive) for this open conversation and Q&A as we dive into opening immersive content beyond simply 'preaching to the converted'.

The webinar will delve into research and R&D funded by StoryFutures Academy and the Creative Industries Policy & Education Centre, focused on how the immersive sector can broaden the audience for VR, AR & MR content. Our approach to developing a reimagined promotional language for immersive content is based on a combination of academic research, audience insight and surveys, semiotics, creative practice, and running VR cinemas. Case study partners include The National Gallery, Studio McGuire and Anagram.

Specifically, in this webinar we will explore how you can:

  • Widen the appeal of VR beyond early adopters

  • Promote and market VR & AR to new audiences

  • Understand how audience's value immersive content


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