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Immersive Promotion Design is truly leading the way in marketing for the immersive sector, supporting immersive creatives everywhere to better evoke what their users will see, do and feel.​ About far more than just marketing – our work is about building a bigger, more diverse audience for the immersive sector.

So whether you’re a VR filmmaker looking to build your audience, an AR creator in need of engagement, or an XR company seeking an inclusive audience for the future, explore our services below, and get in touch.

Marketing & Audience Development

We can help to connect your VR/AR/MR experience to the widest possible audience, developing your immersive marketing strategy. We can also design, produce and manage all of your promotional content, be it digital, print or immersive.

Masterclasses & Training

We can deliver Masterclasses covering the basics of how to formulate a marketing strategy for immersive experiences, as well as bespoke training for VR/AR/MR creatives keen to understand how they can better promote their immersive experience to new audiences. 

Research & Development

Immersive Promotion Design operates a dynamic R&D model, with all of our client work based on university-led research and audience insight. We have previously secured R&D funding from StoryFutures Academy and Bristol+Bath Creative R+D and are always open to new briefs.

Please get in touch below or email us at for an informal video-call.

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