Immersive Promotion Design is leading the way in the creation of a reimagined promotional language for the XR sector, one that goes beyond gaming crowds and sci-fi imagery. We help VR & AR creators to better market their work, but we also harness the magic of AR, spatial sound and other creative technologies to create immersive campaigns that fully transport you into the world of a brand, be it for arts, education or health. And for those with reporting needs, we can also evaluate your immersive experience, allowing creators to understand how audiences engage with VR/AR projects.


And unlike other digital marketing or PR agencies out there, we specialise in immersive, and bring together the very best of universities and industry. Everything we do is based on research and audience insight and user playtesting. Emphasising not the newness of the technology but the transformation of state of mind, our research-led approach to promoting VR & AR has proven to boost interest amongst those completely new to this technology by up to 78%. So whether you're a VR director looking to build your audience, a creative business wishing to boost engagement via AR, or a tech company seeking a more diverse audience for the future, let's promote the magic of your immersive content.

Marketing for immersive experiences

Let us connect your VR/AR/MR experience to the widest possible audience, develop your immersive marketing strategy, and produce your immersive promotion, such as for VR films, AR games or immersive theatre productions.​

Immersive Technology-led campaigns

Let us create an immersive campaign that captivates your audience by transporting them into the world of your brand, using AR, binaural sound and other immersive tech, be it for education, health, heritage, fashion or other sectors.

immersive audience Development

Let us undertake a rigourous evaluation of audience engagement with your immersive experience, including an analysis of how your audiences create meaning as part of the immersive work and how to engage a more diverse audience.

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