Teaching Immersive Promotion

As well as developing sector understanding of how to better market immersive experiences to audiences through our research and consultancy work, we also aim to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the emerging field of immersive storytelling. Our StoryFutures Academy grant scheme was launched in response to work on skills analysis carried out by StoryFutures in its first ever published report, ‘Skills for Immersive Experience Creation: Barriers to Growth in the UK’s Immersive Economy’. The report's key findings included: 97% of companies reported a severe skills shortage in the immersive sector, while 44% said that they were worried there are not enough graduates with the right skills.


In response, our team has produced 10 teaching videos, 4 accompanying workshop exercises and an assignment brief for undergraduate courses in advertising, PR, media communications, creative media and creative computing. The teaching videos build directly on the principles outlined in our Immersive Promotion Bible, which itself aims to provide a roadmap for how to create gateway promotional content for VR and AR experiences. Educators are invited to use these teaching videos in the classroom or as additional learning materials. All of the workshop exercises and assignment briefs can be downloaded freely and modified by the academic for their own courses, providing that citations are included.



Workshop exercises related to the above videos, as well as an exemplar assignment brief focused on enabling students to create a promotional strategy and content for a VR or AR experience of their choice, can be downloaded below.