gemini hand tracking 
by Ultraleap


Ultraleap is on a mission to make digital worlds feel more human, specialising in world-leading hand tracking and haptics technology. They have a team of 150 spread across the world, with locations in Silicon Valley, US and Bristol, UK. Their team includes leading experts in interface design, acoustics, machine learning, and computer vision. The future is a place where infinite worlds are at your fingertips. One where you interact naturally and in 3D. One where you don’t need controllers. Ultraleap was formed when Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics came together. They’ve united the most advanced hand tracking with the only haptic technology that creates the sensation of touch in mid-air.

Our brief was to support Ultraleap with their 2021 product launch of Gemini, billed as the world's most advanced hand tracking, giving users everywhere the power to reach out and make XR work for them. 

The aim of our copy was to convert Ultraleap’s readers into downloading a brochure and/or getting in touch and downloading Ultraleap's software. Immersive Promotion Design’s research and insight into effective visual and linguistic strategies for communicating the value of immersive technologies helped to inform all of this web copy.

We worked with Ultraleap to provide the web copy for the launch of Ultraleap Gemini, specifically for their XR landing page; their OEMs page (i.e. headset manufacturers); their software developers page (primarily aimed at Unity/Unreal developers); their VR for Training page; and their VR Arcades page.

Read a sample of our copy for these new web pages below.

Screenshot 2021-11-20 at 15.22.52.png
Screenshot 2021-11-20 at 15.26.18.png
Screenshot 2021-11-20 at 15.26.50.png
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